Hey there, I'm Josie Bullard!

I'm an Indiana living, content creating, business owning gal, with a zest for turning others creative passions into a reality. Over the past two years over 30% of my income has come from my presets alone. Presets are something I use daily for my photos so I figured I would go ahead and give my followers access to them as well. My greatest desire is to help equip you with the tools to start profiting an insane passive income off something as simple as Lightroom Presets!

Let's get you started!

I understand how difficult it is to profit in this fast-paced industry when you feel like you aren't equipped to do so.

Lucky for you, one of the easiest ways to start making money as a creator is selling something you probably already use on a daily basis... presets!

Nowadays everyone is looking for a way to up-level their "insta game" by improving their edits to create a cohesive feed. Many consumers turn to their favorite content creators to purchase their presets!

In this course we are covering everything you need to know to get your preset biz off the ground and booming. And the best part is... once you've put in the hard work of creating your presets setting up your shop, most of your income can come passively without you having to do anything else at all!


Learn how to create lightroom presets with your own personal flare


We will be perfect your presets before your launch to insure they work with all types of photos with minimal adjustments


Start selling your presets to your audience and making an income off something you are proud of!

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Create & Sell Your Own Presets

A simple way to make passive income as a content creator

"Josie taught me all that I know about photography. I love how she breaks the traditional 'photography rules' and writes her own rules. I would have never learned what she taught me through a traditional photography course. Josie took my dull Instagram feed and brought it to life."

- Ashley Bell